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Curtis & Bianca

Apr 29, 2013

My daily photographs/ by Curtis Darby #63/COL.

I have been many places and I understand the privilege and the possibility that exists in America. I also understand the costs of living in the country such as American. I hope that we as human beings on this small globe eventually learn to live in peace and harmony. The desires of an old war veteran. 


My daily photographs/ by Curtis Darby #62/EYES

The glimmer of a nine, the flash, the link, a sparkle retains the moment.

The Windows both are so, the reflection of Hope's dreams and future. A connection of nerves and sensors that relate electric pulses of light and shadows to our gray matter. The gifts of sight to see the world in all its glory. The spectrum of color that creates our reality. The color of blue and brown and green that describes the moment one falls in line of. Oh how I was until the story.



My daily photographs/ by Curtis Darby #61/T-DOG


I do not know  who put that idea in your head, but the individual I know as Tyrone does not have those characteristics. From a distance, I have heard of your struggles to separate and become independent. There's no reason to apologize for seeking knowledge through the form of experience. We all have made bad decisions, but all choices start as being valuable.  " Anyone with out sin cast the first stone". This journey of life is filled with  peril and obstacles fear not for desire, passion and need shell plow the way. My door is always open to you and my family. No explanations needed...... love your uncle.

Apr 24, 2013

My daily photographs/ by Curtis Darby #60/my paintings & photographs

I would like to speak about my gifts and my endeavors. I am a human being first, who has desires, dreams, hopes and needs. My social sites are my extensions to my friends and family and also business possibilities. So I will continue to flood my site with my talent and give others an opportunity to appreciate my art and to own it. Sometimes, I hear individuals complaining about others on the site exposing them to their personal ambitions or interests. This is part of being on the Internet and networking. It's not always about you and if this is really irritating then maybe you should not be indulging in the Internet. Remember you  always have control over what's on your page and you can always turn your computer off. 


Apr 23, 2013

My daily photographs/ by Curtis Darby #59/movies

What's on my mind? For maybe two years I have had my Facebook friends asking me to join them in some online game. I use my computer as a working tool and when I have an opportunity to use it in pleasure. I choose to watch movies. Because I have so much to and I'm always working towards achieving project completion or in the process of creating something new. If I would use this time to play games.  I could not deal with my guilt and then I would not sleep at night. That's just my personal view and how I work independently. I will or would like to invite all my Facebook friends to join me in my movie review and exploration. I think we would have more to talk about and you would get to know me much better. What's very important to me for movie or a book, is dialogue. The other half is actors or actresses and could cinematography and lasts but not least CGI or computer generated imagery. And this is important because I like watching sci-fi. I am not so interested in horror movies because I don't need to be scared. I don't like drama so much because life is a drama..... So why what I need to go spend my money in a movie theater for drama. An hour and 45 min. or two hours is enough time me to clear my head and come out refreshed. So here are some movies I am looking forward to watch.